Thursday, August 05, 2004 @ 12:19 PM

Well, Today I started a new look to this part of my blog. I wanted to change it up a bit and who better that with sexy Angelina Jolie. Love her.

I'm still working out some kinks, like this infernal advertising up near the top. If anyone can look at my source code and help me figure it out I'd be much obliged.

Not sure how many links I'm gonna add here or not. But it's better looking that what it was.

- Nathan

Tuesday, March 09, 2004 @ 8:18 AM

I guess I owe the actual creation of this page to the encouragement of some of my readers. Since the inception of my Blog some seven months ago I have shied away into revealing too much about me.

There are many reasons for that, the most obvious is anonymity due to the nature of some of my life events and lifestyle decisions, (which truth be told, I'm not sure from one day to the next my real heart felt stance is). The second reason is that anonymity can lead to a feeling of complete freedom when I express my thoughts and share with you my allows me to be blunt, open, painfully truthful, erotic, naughty, smart, witty and sarcastic without the reprocussions of judgement. Thirdly, I think there is an air of mystery that keeps you the reader coming back....unraveling my blogs, disecting them, pondering them.....all to piece together who you may think I am, just to change your mind the next day.

And finally, it is a safe haven for me to unload my burdens of life, breathe fresh air, vent and also to re-live past moments that are fleeting, capture memories of the times I have spent with people, a journal. Since I don't believe in psychology per-se, I guess this blog is my very own therapy session where I am not only laying on the couch talking about my life, I am also the interviewer sitting in the chair, holding the clip-board asking the questions.......all for free!!!

So, without further ado:


Name: Nathan Dayspring (if you believe that), or Nate for short.

Gender: Male

Age: Early 30's

Height: 5'11"

Weight: Currently 215 lbs. Fluctuates depending on my diet, my lifting regime, my will-power. I'd like to get down to 205. I have quite a bit of new clothes that I'd like to fit back into. No, I am not fat...I'm relatively quite muscular without looking like Mr. Olympia. I've been told by both men and women alike I have a large chest and have been asked if I ever did steroids. Though I am not ripped or tanned or walk around oiled down. I kinda went of on a tangent here didn't I?

Eyes: Two of them. Blue. No glasses.

Hair: Full head of fear of going bald. Dark between black and brown. Currently short and spikey.

Facial Hair: Occaisonally a tight and well manicured goatee. Sometimes a tight and well trimmed moustache with a little pinch under my lower lip. And sometimes completely clean shaven....I've been told it takes years off of me and I can have a baby face for my age. I generally am clean shaven in the summer months when it's warm, or special occasions like weddings or very important functions.

Ethnicity: Italian and some other little european country I'd rather not name.

Teeth: All of them, never had braces.

Tattoos: None, but I have thought about it numerous times.....but I think I'm outgrowing that phase now...though I do like tasteful ones, and especially hidden erotic ones on women. Have you ever seen a nice tattoo on an older man? No....they all turn to mush someday and look like a blob of ink.

Piercings: None. At one time I wanted earrings, but that too I guess was just a phase. Older guys look stupid with earings....I just wanna rip 'em out.

Drugs: Never. Never understood it, not even pot.

Smoke: Nope. I have had the occasional cigar, but I generally turn them down more often than I accept. Next day my mouth tastes like crap. I generally despise smoking...Do you know what you smell like? It is a major turn off for me to meet a hot woman, get all naked, then kiss taste this horrid ash wet tobacco all in my mouth....but I've been known to have sex with you anyways.

Drink: Oh Yeah....Like my microbeers, and whisky and gin libations.

Kids: Nope. But would liek to have some one day when I choose that 1 woman for my life.

Pets: Not yet....Kinda want a dog, but yet to decide.

Languages: English and pretty good in Spanish.

Siblings: None in the literal sense, but I have a few friends that have yet to grace the pages of my blog that I consider brothers and sisters in the most highest regard.


Turn-ons: Tan lines (yummy), some body jewelry, frost lipstick, tone and/or muscles, flat stomach, sexy yet tasteful tattoo's, generosity, humbleness, sexy dancing, cowboy boots and hat, body stockings, manicured female regions, light makeup, thongs, Enigma (the band), denim jeans (that's a huge one and a personal favorite...if you look good in jeans), sexy attitudes, poloroids, creativity and sponaneity behind closed doors, flirting, did I mention tan-lines?

Turn-offs: Drunks, Smoking, french-maid outfits, candy-apple red lingerie, overly-large breasts, too many tattoo's, really foul mouth for no reason, bad-breath, ego, rudeness, materialism, flab, Prince, use of the "C" word, uncontrol-able kids, drug use, cheating on spouse, manipulators (my job is full of them).

Sexuality: I first became sexually active at age 18. I very picky about my partners and won't sleep with just anyone (though I will admit to a few one night stands where alcohol has been involved). I don't believe in breaking up a marriage at all, but have been approached by both married and boyfriend/girlfriend couples. I'm 100% straight. I've been in love before and have been jealous before and in committed monogomous relationships. I believe in marriage and generally hate to hear about divorce. I enjoy pornography in the traditional sense (not all the sick stuff today: humiliation, snuff, child, anything with pain or strong anti-religious overtones). I have a collection of very good amateur tapes, and have been known to video and photograph some of my own escapades with a willing partner. I'm what you consider a light 'swinger'...I don't go to sex parties or orgies and not sure I want to...I'm very careful for health and personal safety reasons and generally really feel out/quiz a partner or partners and see if they are mentally stable as well. I like aggressive girls behind closed doors who enjoy being erotic (not just sex).

To be continued.........

- Nathan

Monday, March 08, 2004 @ 10:34 AM

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- Nathan


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